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The good oil on hand protection

NITRILE work gloves are the best choice when working with aliphatic hydrocarbons. 

The nitrile personal protection equipment (PPE) will not deteriorate when exposed to animal fats, lubricating oils and similar products.

These work safety gloves also protect against water solutions of highly polar materials such as hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acids, sodium hydroxide and most salts. 

But nitrile gloves are not appropriate for working with highly concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids, though they will resist these acids if the acids are diluted to no more than 50 per cent concentration.

Nitrile chemical protection gloves are not recommended for use with medium-polar solvents such as trichloroethylene, acetone, ethyl acetate and others with similar polarity. 

In some cases, workers may substitute natural rubber latex work wear. In other cases, they may need laminate safety gloves as this is the only type of hand protection that will provide sufficient chemical resistance. 

Laminate chemical protection safety gloves are also thin enough to provide the versatility for the grip and touch needed to handle laboratory equipment.

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