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Safety gloves disposal

IF the chemical protection safety gloves are contaminated with a toxic compound or biomaterial covered by disposal regulations, the safety gloves must be handled in the same way as the toxic material if the material in or on the work gloves exceeds the limit specified in the regulations.

If the safety gear is not contaminated or has been properly decontaminated, it can be incinerated or disposed of in a landfill. 

With the ordinary aerobic or anaerobic decomposition processes in chemical protection gloves not forming any toxic products, the work wear can be disposed of in an ordinary landfill. 

But the work gloves’ breakdown will be very slow—except for cotton and natural rubber safety products, which are more easily degradable.

A well-designed, properly-operated incinerator should be able to completely burn all types of hand protection and any decomposition product that forms during the incineration process. 

The higher the temperature and longer the exposure, the more complete the combustion.

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