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Lab chemical safety

NEOPRENE chemical protection safety gloves provide excellent broad-range splash resistance in a thin work glove.

Neoprene PPE is also better than other disposable chemical protection gloves in providing splash protection from common chemicals used in most pharmaceutical laboratories as splitting agents, such as DMSO, DMAC and DMF.

With so many different chemicals used in an analytical lab setting, neoprene is the best all-around, disposable protective glove option.

But neoprene is not a perfect solution. Methylene chloride degrades neoprene and every other work glove polymer currently available in a thin, close-fitting glove style suitable for laboratory applications. 

Laminate hand protection is preferable for working with methylene chloride. 

For close fit and better grip, the laminate gloves can be used as liners under neoprene or other similar disposable chemical protection gloves.

Ansell safety gloves with neoprene

Ansell chemical and liquid
protection safety gloves

Ansell guide to chemical safety gloves 
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