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Chemical and liquid hazards

SPECIFIC materials in Ansell safety gloves that protect against chemicals and liquids are:

Neoprene: Available in disposable, medium weight unsupported, medium weight supported and heavyweight supported styles. These safety gloves are medium cost and protect against common oxidising acids (nitric and sulphuric) and many other chemicals.

Nitrile: Ansell’s nitrile hand protection provides strong resistance to snags and punctures, abrasions and cuts for a thin polymer safety glove. Nitrile gloves are not recommended for use with ketones and some organic solvents.

Sealed-Film (Laminate): One of the most chemical-resistant materials available and protects against almost anything. These work safety gloves are excellent for hazmat applications in which the chemicals present may be in question. Laminate safety gloves fail to provide a close fit, good grip or strong physical properties. But the laminate hand protection is quite thin and commonly worn as liners under other work gloves that can protect in ways laminate gloves cannot.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC or Vinyl): Often available in heavyweight supported safety gloves. Protects against strong acids and strong bases. Many PVC and vinyl work safety gloves also protect against cuts and abrasions.

Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA): Used for medium weight supported work safety gloves highly resistant to many organic chemicals. PVA gloves are ineffective against many acids and bases. But they are very effective against organic chemicals, such as chlorinated solvents and aromatic compounds, which can cause skin burns.

Natural Rubber: With great flexibility and good resistance to many acids and alcohols, Ansell’s natural rubber safety gloves are a comfortable choice for chemical and liquid protection. Products containing natural rubber may cause allergic reactions and should not be used when lubricants and/or oils are present.

Ansell always recommends that end users perform their own testing and analysis of the suitability of safety gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) for a specific application

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