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Cool Hands are Safer Hands

The active and sportswear markets have invested a substantial amount of time and money in fabrics and garment construction that keep us cool and dry. Users and manufacturers of industrial safety gloves also desire these attributes since their work environments - whether indoors or outside - can be hot.

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Safety Glove Myths Exposed

The Ansell Protection Solutions Guide is an on-line resource designed to simplify safety glove selection. The Guide couples vital information with comparison charts and application images.

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Safety gloves aid productivity in sharp component industries

A safety glove recently released by Ansell has been designed to boost productivity by workers who are required to handle sharp objects or components. The liners in the HyFlex® 11-630 safety gloves have a yarn structure that contains HPPE (Higher Performance Polyethylene), which improves performance as it aids impact strength.

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Giant aluminium company chooses Ansell safety gloves in zero tolerance of worker injuries

Converting to Ansell safety gloves combined with new hand protection initiatives has resulted in zero recordable cut injuries at one of the world’s biggest aluminium mills.

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The Cutting Edge

Work should never come at a risk to personal safety. I can’t imagine anyone arguing with the point that everyone deserves to go to work and return home unharmed. But despite progressive emphasis on safety, workplace accidents still occur at an alarming rate with the last publication by Safe Work Australia revealing a staggering 134 835 workers’ compensation claims for serious work-related injuries or illnesses per year.

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