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Innovation keeps pace with workers' demands

Have you ever seen your neighbour disappearing into his garage and wondered what he’s getting up to in there? Ever considered he might be busy making the ‘next big thing’? He could be.

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Industry sets path for hand protection technology

According to Cherilyn Nelson, Vice President, Science and Technology, Ansell, a focus on usage trends for worker personal protection needs are helping to guide manufacturers of safety gloves in their research and development efforts of ppe.

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Preventing burns: the right mix for the right safety gloves

The severity of a chemical burn will depend on the concentration of the substance to which the worker is exposed and the length of exposure. Protection by wearing the right safety gloves for the job at hand is vital.

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Safety glove laundering

Laundering ppe can impact the bottom line by preventing employees from prematurely disposing of used safety gloves and apparel. Workers often dispose of personal protection products after they become soiled—even though the ppe were worn only once and have plenty of useful life remaining.

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Trends In Safety Glove Manufacturing

Wouldn't it be nice if we could look into the future to see what advancements will have been made in hand protection product manufacturing during the next 5, 10 or 15 years? Since this is not possible, manufacturers of safety gloves instead focus on product usage trends and current worker protection needs that are not being met to help guide their research and development efforts.

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