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Chemical and liquid hazards

Neoprene Available in disposable, medium weight unsupported, medium weight supported and heavyweight supported styles. These safety gloves are medium cost and protect against common oxidising acids (nitric and sulphuric) and many other chemicals.

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The good oil on hand protection

NITRILE work gloves are the best choice when working with aliphatic hydrocarbons.

The nitrile personal protection equipment (PPE) will not deteriorate when exposed to animal fats, lubricating oils and similar products.

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Lab chemical safety

NEOPRENE chemical protection safety gloves provide excellent broad-range splash resistance in a thin work glove.

Neoprene PPE is also better than other disposable chemical protection gloves in providing splash protection from common chemicals used in most pharmaceutical laboratories as splitting agents, such as DMSO, DMAC and DMF.

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Chemical protection work gloves

No disposable safety glove provides perfect protection. Workers must be careful to avoid contact with chemicals as much as possible and clean up spills or broken glass immediately. 

If hazardous chemicals are spilled on the hand protection, the safety gloves should be immediately discarded and replaced.

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Safety gloves disposal

IF the chemical protection safety gloves are contaminated with a toxic compound or biomaterial covered by disposal regulations, the safety gloves must be handled in the same way as the toxic material if the material in or on the work gloves exceeds the limit specified in the regulations.

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