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Success Stories

Work injuries plummet more than 80 per cent

The Problem

Pulp friction, well you would read about it – right here. A pulp and paper company with plant sites across America suffers from an unacceptably high number of hand injuries. The main work safety problem is lacerations.

The Ansell Guardian™ Cost Savings Solution

At the company’s request, Ansell conducts its Guardian assessments at pilot sites, with manufacturing processes identical at all locations.

Ansell Guardian is a comprehensive cost savings and profitability improvement process that analyses seven distinct cost drivers which impact on a company's day-to-day operations. The goal is to create solutions consolidated into one package and applied company-wide.

Ansell specialists evaluate every application at the pulp and paper mill sites to identify critical factors and seeks feedback on the personal protective equipment (PPE) being used. 


The Ansell Guardian process reveals workers lack the proper level of hand cut protection to safely perform their jobs. 

Ansell suggests workers use safety gloves with a higher level of cut resistance and better aligned with individual job requirements to ensure optimum hand protection.

The Ansell safety solutions are implemented corporate-wide. The pulp and paper company reports hand-related work injuries are cut by 80 to 90 per cent.