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Success Stories

$35,000 savings on hand protection

The problem

The vice-president of operations in a white goods manufacturing plant orders its safety department to better control work glove costs. Management wants to significantly reduce hand protection costs within 12 months.

The Ansell Guardian™ Cost Savings Solution

Ansell implements its Guardian process at the American company's manufacturing sites and collects data over the next six months. 

Observation and worker feedback reveals workers are taking a new pair of safety gloves after every break - bathroom, cigarette and lunch – plus after shift changes and when they arrive at work the next day. 


Based on Ansell Guardian recommendations, the white goods company installs locked personal protection equipment (PPE) cabinets in all manufacturing departments. 

It uses a new Ansell work safety glove with a higher level of cut protection and better dexterity. The Ansell hand protection can also be laundered for longer use.

Twelve months after the Guardian changes are implemented, the white goods manufacturer reports a 23 per cent reduction in hand protection product costs, with another $35,000 in savings from a vending program that controls the distribution of work safety gloves.

On Guard for Your Safety 

Ansell Guardian is a comprehensive cost savings and profitability improvement process that analyses seven distinct cost drivers which impact on a company's day-to-day operations. The goal is to create solutions consolidated into one package and applied company-wide. FIND OUT MORE