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ANSELL's core focus of providing barrier protection and safety solutions is prevalent across its main divisions of Industrial and Health Care.

Industrial Safety Solutions

Ansell Industrial Healthcare is the world's largest manufacturer of safety gloves for workplace health and productivity.  Ansell gloves are on the job around the world, helping protect workers' hands in almost every industry; from aerospace and transport to construction, DIY, food handling, mining, trades and even semiconductor manufacturing.  The Ansell range of personal protective equipment (ppe) includes many specialised safetyl gloves, such as cut resistant gloves, heat resistant gloves and chemical resistant gloves.  Ansell Industrial division offers comprehensive tailored work safety solutions from a wide range of work gloves made to suit your needs.

Healthcare Solutions

For healthcare professionals, Ansell Medical Healthcare is a trusted and familiar name in personal protective equipment (ppe).  Ansell is the world's leading source for synthetic and natural latex surgical and examination gloves.  The Ansell gloves are marketed under respected hand safety brand names such as Gammex®, Conform®, NuTex®, DermaShield®, Encore®, Dermaclean® and Nitratouch®.  Ansell offers medical safety professionals more safety products, programs and resources than anyone else in the healthcare industry.


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