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ActivArmr® 43-216

Durable and comfortable glove for welding applications


EN 12477 Type A



  Mechanical Protection
  Special Purpose
  • ActivArmr® WorkGuard™ 43-216 is a heavy-duty special purpose glove offering high levels of molten splash resistance.
  • Ideal for many different applications requiring thermal protection, it also provides superior durability and good protection from cuts, punctures and abrasions.Heat protection for a wide range of applications.
  • The ActivArmr® WorkGuard™ 43-216 glove is certified as a Category III glove for protection against high temperatures and is rated with the EN 407 performance levels 413X4X. This makes the glove suitable for a large number of applications requiring heat resistance, including welding, operating machinery and working in environments with a risk of heat or molten splash.
  • With a soft inner jersey palm lining and a cotton denim cuff, ActivArmr® WorkGuard™ 43-216 is comfortable to wear.
  • Excellent durability and mechanical protection.
  • Made of tough-wearing leather, this heavy-duty glove is designed with palm reinforcement for added abrasion resistance.
  • Seams are made in Kevlar® and are reinforced by pieces of cowhide.This construction provides superior mechanical protection.
Primary industries
  •   Automotive Aftermarket
  •   Machinery & Equipment
  •   Metal fabrication
  •   Mining
  •   Oil & Gas
  •   Transport
Featured Technology
  • Kevlar®
Ideal applications
  • Loading and unloading with risk of heat or molten splash
  • Welding
Standards and certifications
  • 3243(2003)
  • 413X4X


EN 12477 Type A
Product details
Colour Yellow
Length mm 370-415
Liner Material Cotton Jersey, Kevlar® seams, Leather (1.2 split cowhide A/B grade)
Size 9, 10, 11